Beauty is a Liar / All Day Breakfast

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Beauty is a Liar
Valerie Joy Kalynchuk

May 2006
ISBN 978-1-894994-15-6
Novel, 112 pages

All Day Breakfast 
Valerie Joy Kalynchuk

June 2001
ISBN 0-9685161-9-X
5.5×5 inches, 64 pages

Valerie Joy Kalynchuk’s Beauty is a Liar is the follow-up to her first Conundrum book, All Day Breakfast, which the Globe and Mail called “a disarming stream-of-consciousness novel”. Her new book blends poetic verse, staccato prose and collage, and veers back and forth between Winnipeg and Montreal, exploring a young woman’s troubled past and eventual redemption. Kalynchuk gives us an anti-nostalgic take on childhood.

“Kalynchuk has one of the most unique literary voices I have ever encountered.” – Jon Paul Fiorentino

“Exploring the schism between sunny social conventions and the narrator’s penchant for darker sights and sounds, Kalynchuk’s vignettes break with tradition, both in content and style.” – MRB

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