My Life as a Foot

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My Life as a Foot
Richard Suicide

October 2007
Graphic Novel
Mature Content
ISBN 1-894994-26-4 / 978-1-894994-26-2
8×10 inches / 80 pages
$15 CDN / U.S.
Translation by Rupert Bottenberg

Like R. Crumb, Richard Suicide’s work combines social commentary with underground/art comics in a murk of densely inked urban anomie. He uses the local atmosphere of Centre Sud, the poorest neighbourhood in Montreal, as fodder for his stories. A writer and artist of savage wit, his humourous (and often absurd) comics are an amazing testimony of life in the East End. Much of his early work has only appeared in French in various international anthologies, including Comix 2000 (France), Stripburger (Slovenia), The Comics Journal (USA), Kêkrapules (Switzerland), Ferraille (France) as well as anthologies in Japan and Macedonia. Locally he has appeared in the Quebec publications L’Enfance du Cyclopes, Monsieur Swiz, Guillotine, Matrix, Image Gun, and Fish Piss. There has never been a collection of his work in any language so it is an honour to be bringing out his first book which happens to be in English.

“Richard Suicide [has] a style so breathless, so dense, it smothers the reader in its sticky stench.” — eye

“You’ll never see an intensity like the one embedded in his thick, inky lines and his stories of big-nosed paupers, whores and insurance company clerks. Suicide’s inimitable and enviable aesthetic reminds a little of Jim Woodring, with a touch of Kim Deitch and a smidgen of Gary Panter, but it’s so very Montreal “ —HOUR

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