Sea Peach

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Sea Peach
(Halocynthia auranthium)
Catherine Kidd
Jack Beetz

September, 2002
68 pages, 5.5 X 5 inches, CD included
Spoken word / Poetry
ISBN 0-9689496-4-9

Winner of the MECCA 2003 for Best New Text!
Voted Best Spoken Word Artist in Montreal Mirror!

Sea Peach, the highly-anticipated new collaboration between Catherine Kidd and Jack Beetz, features a collection of interlinked pieces which constitute a bonsai performance version of Kidd’s novel Missing the Ark. The stories and poems focus on themes of memory and zoo animals, chickens and global warming, a giant leech that sucks up the whole world, and a gentler creature, the Sea Peach, who might inspire humans to restore the world to itself. Through voice, image, sound and text this CD/book recreates these performances. A lovely package, Sea Peach can sit on either your CD rack or your bookshelf.

The CD is produced by Wired on Words.

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