The Encantadas

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The Encantadas
Robert Allen

September 2006
7×5 inches, 164 pages

Originally serialized over four books and two decades, Robert Allen’s long poem, The Encantadas, is now published in its entirety by conundrum press. Structured in a nine-line three-stanza form echoing the work of Allen’s mentor A.R. Ammons, as well as Wallace Stevens and Christopher Dewdney, the focal elements of the poem are quick cuts, interruptions, discontinuities and abrupt changes in speaker. The Encantadas is a tour de force from one of Canada’s most accomplished poets.

“Lively and unquestionably gifted….” — The Globe & Mail

“A work of sustained, unrelenting, unmercifully protracted brilliance.” — Montreal Gazette

“The Encantadas is one of the finest long poems ever produced in Canada.” — Books in Canada

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