The Portable Conundrum

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The Portable Conundrum
Edited by Andy Brown

May 2006  
Introduction, bibliography & appendix
4.25×7 inches, 312 pages

Being an unabridged compendium containing within its yellowing pages all-new material from one of Canada’s most innovative publishers. Featuring fiction, comics, essays, posters, drawings and everything in between, this anthology harkens back to the superior quality of the products of yesteryear. Supplemented with an exclusive introduction by millionaire boy-publisher Andy Brown. Read this article from the HOUR.

Featuring in chronological order: Catherine Kidd • Andy Brown • Liane Keightley • Amanda Marchand • Peter Paré • Golda Fried • Howard Chackowicz • Billy Mavreas • Dana Bath • Lance Blomgren • Valerie Joy Kalynchuk • Victoria Stanton • Vincent Tinguely • Meg Sircom • Corey Frost • Marc Tessier • Hélène Brosseau • Marc Ngui • Stéphane Olivier • Gilles Boulerice • Suki Lee • Julia Tausch • Joey Dubuc • Chandra Mayor • Shary Boyle • Joe Ollmann • Maya Merrick • Nathaniel G. Moore • Elisabeth Belliveau • Richard Suicide • Marc Bell • Robert Allen • Jillian Tamaki

“Brown was able to develop the most challenging and original list in Canada, achieving that rarest of things among the small press: sales… Stretching from fiction to graphic novels to artist editions, the breadth of Conundrum’s taste and foresight (both Montreal-bred and beyond) is captured in The Portable Conundrum anthology.” — eye

“For such a small book The Portable Conundrum packs an impressive amount of material… conundrum publications often defy categorization in the traditional sense, whether through format, style, or content.”  — MRB

“The Portable Conundrum is an anthology of new work by everyone ever published by the press. All around, Brown won accolades for creating a unique outlet for these artists’ offbeat work and helping to unite Montreal’s anglophone creative community… At the heart of it, Conundrum plays a crucial role in Montreal’s anglo arts community.” — Maissoneuve

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