To buy a book found on this site you have a number of options. It depends on who you are.

Individuals can either walk into their local indepedent bookstore or comic shop and find the book. Or you can order through Paypal using this site. Expect one to two weeks for delivery. European orders should expect more like 4-6 weeks for delivery. Sorry about that. All questions regarding online orders should be sent here.

Libraries and bookstores can order through Litdistco. US bookstores can order through Ingram via Litdistco. Terms of trade can be found at the Litdistco site.

phone: 1-800-591-6250 (toll free Canada, U.S.)
fax: 1-800-591-6251 (Toll Free Canada, U.S.)

Sales representation is handled by  The Literary Press Group. There is a rep for each region so find the one that's right for you.

Conundrum Press:
Andy Brown, publisher:

Mailing address:
10224 Highway #1
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R2

Please note: Do not mail submissions to the above address. We are currently not accepting submissions of any kind.

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