Reshelving Initiative

Mar 5, 2012 by

Last week I drove an hour through a snowstorm to the big city (Hfax) to attend the Eyelevel Gallery Reshelving Initiative 5. This is a must attend event every year as it is a showing of zines and artist books from all over the world in an attempt to restock the awesome bookstore hosted by the gallery. Conundrum had a bunch of books in the show as can be seen in the pix below. Also got to hang with Claire Seringhaus who is working on drawings for her new book, The Blaring House, due out this summer. Just in time for Sappyfest. Fingers crossed. Here is what master cartoonist Joe Ollmann has to say about her work: “Adept, antiquated draughtsmanship, atypical humour, Seringhaus is a Van Leeuwenhoek’s flask of broth comprised of the DNA from the dandruff of Glen Baxter, the fingernail parings of Edward Gorey and the juice wrung from the socks of Monty Python. This is absurd, solid, funny stuff.”

Can you spot the Conundrum Titles?

Claire in the blue section with her zine. Also notice more Conundrums!

Good turnout.

Cheap zines! (sorry, artbooks)

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