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Since moving to the Maritimes Sappyfest in Sackville NB has become a regular summer event for me. This year was more subdued, however, since I just went for the Saturday to sell at the zine fair in the Legion Hall. No less awesome though. Wandered a bit and soaked up the vibe but didn’t really see any bands. Here is a picture of lovely Sackville:
I drove up with Claire Seringhaus to launch her new book of Dada-esque drawings The Blaring House. What a hilarious book! The room was abuzz. Or was that the heat? Reconnected with lots of folks, including Sarah Burwash (look for a future project from her) and the good folks at the Anchor Zine Archive in Halifax. Then it was off for my first ever visit to PEI. Now I have been to every province in the country. Bully for me. Here are the pix.

Claire Seringhaus at the Conundrum table
evans and miller
Sara Evans (organizer) and Jeff Miller (Ghost Pine)

legionstay in school

Sarah Burwash and Claire
Mini-golf at Strutts Gallery
Claire solves Britt Wilson’s maze!
PEI sunset

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