Scratches 2

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Scratches#2_coverSCRATCHES #2: On the Paper Highway Between Artist and Reader

Edited by Joost Swarte and Hansje Joustra

ISBN: 978-1-77262-020-7
120 pages, 9×13 inches, full colour, paperback



A new international anthology in the tradition of RAW

In the 1980s Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly had a dream to bring the North American and Euro- pean avant garde of comics together.The result was the highly influentialRAW “graphix magazine”. Now one of the regular contributors to RAW, internationally acclaimed Dutch art- ist Joost Swarte, has launched his own anthology with a similar man- date. “It’s been a dream of mine,” says Swarte, “to show work by un- conventional comics artists from the Netherlands and Flanders, as well as big names from the international world of graphic novels.” Much of this work has never been available in North America to an English au-dience. Contributors to the first is- sue included Robert Crumb, Chris Ware, and Art Spiegelman himself. Contributors to this second issue include Swarte, R. Crumb, Typex, Erik Kriek (In the Pines), Lucas Ver- straeten, Wagenbreth and more.

About Joost Swarte

Joost Swarte is a Dutch cartoonist and graphic designer. He is best known for his ligne claire or clear line style of drawing, and in fact coined the term. He is also known for his The New Yorker covers, and stained glass and architectural projects. In 2011 Fantagraphics released his collected book of comics Is That All There Is.




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