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For immediate release: As the sixth title in its International Imprint Conundrum Press has acquired English language rights to Blackbird by Pierre Maurel. This work was originally self-published in French as minis then brought out as a graphic novel by the indie press L’employé du moi. Translation will be by Helge Dascher. Fall 2015.

Here is an excerpt from a review on the website Avoid the Future as well as sample translated pages provided to that site by Maurel:

“Blackbird is the story of a group of mini-comic/ zine creators in a society that has just declared self-publishing to be illegal. Obviously, there’s a healthy layer of meta-narrative to the comic, given that the reader must at least partially be interested in self-publishing to be reading it in the first place. With the government enacting measures to criminalise the production and distribution of works outside of the publishing spectrum, a dystopian seed is planted in the story. Whilst Nineteen Eighty-Four might focus on the logical conclusion of authoritarianism, Blackbird examines its beginnings, focusing on the absurdity of this political perspective and the attrition of liberty it causes. It’s rare that the term “underground comics” has any kind of literal value, but here it’s spot on, following creators banding together to produce and distribute their work by any means necessary.”





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