Catching Up

Oct 27, 2010 by

Lots going on at Conundrum Towers these days, so before the whirlwind of launches and new books I thought I’d get a few bits of news in. Here is a lengthy overview of the Montreal comics scene in the Montreal Gazette which includes The Hipless Boy artist Sully. Philippe Girard was recently in Russia for the launch of the Russian edition of Ruts & Gullies.

Conundrum recently participated in two Halifax events. Word on the Street and the zine fair just this weekend. Maryanna Hardy flew out from Toronto to do the Inkstorm residency at the Roberts Street Social Center, home of the Anchor Zine Archive. She managed to make a gorgeous jacket for her forthcoming book, So I’ve Been Told which I expect back from the printer next week. Speaking of jackets here are the denim sisters Maryanna and artist / intern Sarah Burwash at the WOTS table.

The zine fair was really fun and we managed to sell a bunch of Inkstuds at its East Coast debut. I got to meet back cover artist Jordyn B who had a table to sell her minis. Here is what THIS magazine has to say in their latest issue, “To the comic initiate and aficionado alike, Inkstuds amounts to manna from heaven.” Manna! Look for the Montreal launch at the upcoming Expozine. I’m waiting on deliveries and shipping and receiving all week in anticipation. Going way back to early September we launched Auricle / Icebreaker and don’t get lonely don’t get lost at 211. It was a huge success and there were actual lineups to get books signed. Lineups! All the families and kids came out. I promised Alisha I’d post this picture of her partner carving the evening’s featured meat. As a vegetarian this was my worst nightmare. Luckily there was wine! And books! Great books!

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