Fall Titles

Sep 1, 2013 by

Here is a one page suits all round up of the exciting titles we are bringing out this fall. Find them being launched at Comic Art Brooklyn, Expozine, FORMAT, or check back here for news… Don’t forget Twitter and Facebook either…


Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On
Dakota McFadzean

“The wide open prairie of Saskatchewan, the domestication of garden gnomes, the psychoanalytic breakdown of 8-bit video games — into these and other subjects Dakota McFadzean digs with his pen and brush, unearthing truths that discomfit even as they entertain. This collection of his best work to date mashes cuteness into cruelty, hope into resignation, and life into death, leaving us with one slow-burning ball of phosphorescent comics.” — Jason Lutes (author of Berlin)

ZCAT PickAPlot Cover web

You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse!
Sherwin Tjia

A Pick-A-Plot adventure combining Zombies and Cats! What more is there?


Brooklyn Quesadillas
Antony Huchette

Brooklyn Quesadillas follows a new father having a mid-life crisis as he navigates the surreal streetscapes of Brooklyn, trying to produce a tv show hosted by a coffeepot, while tracking down forgotten sitcom stars from the eighties who live on a “fantasy” island. The second book in the Conundrum International Imprint.


The Sweetsburg Archives
Jonathan Reid Sevigny

An artist’s monograph combining Henry Darger and Hieronymous Bosch set in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

glow cover web

Glow, Not Gold

Three animators work in new forms for the page. A co-publication with Halifax’s Centre for Art Tapes. 


The Far Woods
Sarah Burwash

Wilderness drawings from a new talent. Already available!

“Throughout The Far Woods, in beautiful watercolour and ink drawings, Burwash examines without nostalgia the struggles and joys of life in rural places.”

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