National Post love

Mar 1, 2012 by

One of our esteemed national newspapers is sure friendly to Dave Collier. This week in The Afterword David Berry reviews Collier’s Popular Press. Of course included in the book is the 24 Simcoe St. strip Collier did for the Post, but to their credit they did a full page excerpt of comics from all the newspapers featured in the book. You would actually need to buy the paper to find that though. Imagine buying a newspaper! Here is some of what Berry has to say: “His later works, in particular Simcoe, are testaments to the often unobserved depths of the quotidian: there is real existential dread in the panel as Collier frets over making others wait in line for the bank machine, and his habit of pushing one lengthwise panel into extreme or off-kilter views shows more artistic verve than an entirety of a modern comics page combined.”

Anyone interested in books should be bookmarking The Afterword. In my opinion it is one of the best supporters of book culture and especially graphic novels. Who would have guessed it?

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