In print backlist tiles are listed alphabetically by author. Genres are very loosely defined.

Graphic Novels

Marc Bell: Nog A Dod (ed)
Kerry Byrne: Lillian the Legend
Ian Sullivan Cant: Papercut Heart
Howard Chackowicz: Howie Action Comics
Line Gamache: Hello, Me Pretty
Line Gamache: Poof!
Philippe Girard: Ruts & Gullies
Michael Hind: The Undertaking
Emily Holton: Little Lessons in Safety
Dave Lapp: Drop-in
Dave Lapp: Children of the Atom
Lesley Johnson: The Banana Story of Agony
Billy Mavreas: Monster Island Three (ed)
Billy Mavreas: The Overlords of Glee
Marc Ngui: Enter Avariz
Marc Ngui: The Unexpurgated Tale of Lordie Jones
Joe Ollmann: The Big Book of Wag!
Richard Suicide: My Life as a Foot
Sully: The Hipless Boy
Jillian Tamaki: Gilded Lilies
Marc Tessier / Stephane Olivier: Mac Tin Tac
Marc Tessier / Hélène Brosseau: Cyclops (eds)


Elisabeth Belliveau: the great hopeful someday
Elisabeth Belliveau: don’t get lonely don’t get lost
Boyer, Desjardins and Widgington (eds): Picture This! Posters of social movements in Québec (1966 – 2007)
Shary Boyle: Witness My Shame
Shary Boyle: Otherworld Uprising
Joey Dubuc: Neither Either Nor Or
Scott Waters: The Hero Book


Ryan Arnold: The Coward Files
Lance Blomgren: Corner Pieces
Lance Blomgren: Walkups
J.R. Carpenter: Words the Dog Knows
Corey Frost: My Own Devices: Airport Version
Corey Frost: The Worthwhile Flux
Emily Holton: Dear Canada Council / Our Starland
Valerie Joy Kalynchuk: Beauty is a Liar
Valerie Joy Kalynchuk: All Day Breakfast
Catherine Kidd: Missing the Ark
Catherine Kidd: Sea Peach
Catherine Kidd: bipolar bear
Liane Keightley: Seven Openings of the Head
Suki Lee: Sapphic Traffic
Chandra Mayor: All the Pretty Girls
Chandra Mayor: Cherry
Josh Massey: We Will All Be Trees
Maya Merrick: The Hole Show
Maya Merrick: Sextant
Alisha Piercy: Auricle / Icebreaker
Julia Tausch: Another Book About Another Broken Heart


Robert Allen: The Encantadas
Andy Brown: The Portable Conundrum (ed)
Nathaniel G. Moore: Bowlbrawl
Taien Ng-Chan: Maps of Our Bodies & the borders we have agreed upon
Ulla Ryghe: Travels  in Wonderland

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