All the Pretty Girls

All the Pretty Girls
Chandra Mayor

April 2008
ISBN 1-894994-32-9
5.5×7.5 inches, 140 pages
Short Stories / Lesbian
$17 CDN / US
Winner of a Lambda Award!

In each of these short stories, set against a finely-crafted backdrop of poverty and violence, abuse and hope, Chandra Mayor provides a glimpse into the lives of girls and young women, allowing each to speak in her own voice. These are young women who roll pennies to buy toilet paper and roll their own cigarettes, who watch the mail for the welfare cheque and watch their boyfriends and lovers out of the corners of their eyes. But they also watch their own children play in wading pools, and watch the horizon for other women and other possibilities. Outsiders looking in and insiders looking out, these stories are wreathed in cigarette smoke and blurry with beer. Mayor insists that all girls are pretty girls, and that even amid squalor and chaos, true beauty is achieved through the simple act of reaching for something, anything, more.

“In this gritty collection of literary short stories, the pretty girls of the title raise kids alone, smoke dope, have abortions, tolerate lousy boyfriends and fall in love with gutless girls who break their hearts. If that sounds like depressing reading, it’s not especially. It’s just life in Winnipeg, if you happen to be a young woman with no money and useless parents…. So buy Mayor’s new short story collection, and after you’ve read it, leave your copy in a social assistance or child welfare waiting room, with ‘steal this book’ pencilled inside the front cover. It might prove more helpful than any number of self-esteem workshops.” — Winnipeg Free Press

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