Another Book About Another Broken Heart

Another Book About Another Broken Heart
Julia Tausch

October 2003
160 pages, 4.25 x 7 inches
ISBN 1-894994-00-0

Twenty-one year old Katy self-consciously, obsessively processes the dissolution of love, resulting in Another Book About Another Broken Heart, a fast-paced monologue filtered through the consciousness of this clever, albeit self-obsessed and miserable young woman. After moving from Toronto to Montreal, Katy is forced to forge new friendships, some providing new strength, others resulting in disaster. Whether arguing with her violently disturbed neighbour over a St. Hubert’s chicken or confronting her estranged boyfriend atop the CN tower, Katy is desperate to narrate some control into her life. Originally intended as a one-woman show, the voice-driven nature of this novel allows it to “perform” for the reader; Katy’s cognizance of our presence disrupts the narrative and invites us to participate fully in her often hilarious take on the subject that’s been done to death and then done again.

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