Bird in a Cage

bird in a cage cover

Bird in a Cage
Rebecca Roher


ISBN 978-1-77262-005-4
7×9 inches, 112 pages, b/w
trade paperback, $15

May 2016

Winner of the Doug Wright Award 2016 for Best Book


Once a sharp, strong-willed and independent woman, Roher’s grandmother’s life took an unexpected turn when an accident left her with a brain injury, leading to early onset dementia. An unlikely protagonist, grandma was an elderly woman trapped by her deteriorating mind, aging body and the walls around her. This story illuminates the often overlooked narrative of a senior, her complicated history and inner life. Loveable and tragic, she is determined to get back to a familiar place, to be home again.
Roher digs deep into her grandmother’s personal history, learns to manage her escapes, and tries to create a safe environment for her. Exploring memory, the idea of place, and the power of song to transcend dementia, Bird In a Cage  tells the story of one woman’s search for home and the strength of family to try and bring her back.

“Rebecca Roher in her comic book “Bird in a Cage” manages to absolutely immerse me in her family and make me care deeply about her grandma and her struggles. The simple lines reveal much more than they have any right to, and the nuanced expressions on the entire cast are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait for a future collection from this amazing artist.” — Expozine Awards jury

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