Britt Wilson’s Greatest Book on Earth!

Britt Wilson’s Greatest Book on Earth
Britt Wilson

May 2012
ISBN 978-1-894994-62-0
144 pages, 6×9 inches, black and white


This Toronto artist’s popular minicomics have finally been collected into her first graphic novel. Wilson has a flowing cartooning style, reminiscent of Roberta Gregory, with angry young women running around the city creating havoc. She has an innate sense of storytelling through comics panels, and an absurd, dark, yet hilarious point of view. Haven’t you always wanted to know more about Secret Societies, the Permantently Addressically Challenged, Mysterious Amphibious Creatures, How to Stalk and Kill the Average Squirrel, Wooing Ladies, and Underground Pockets of Long Thought to be Extinct Reptiles? Now you can. Hurry up. Look inside…

“I was drawn to Britt Wilson’s work immediately. The liveliness, the effortless polish, the humour—there was so much appeal, I ate it up, I looked through everything I could find.  I was thrilled to hear about a whole book full of those drawings.  I look forward to being jealous of Britt’s work for a long time to come, because there’s no way she won’t rise to the top.” — Kate Beaton

“Britt’s comics, like all great humour, are both a little sweet, and a little caustic. And she can draw like nobody’s business. I could stare at her expressive drawings all day long, and wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they actually jumped off the page and bit me in the face.” — John Martz

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