Chandra Mayor

March 2004
ISBN 1-894994-02-7
Novel / Lesbian
128 pages

Winner of the 2004 Manitoba book Award for Most Promising Writer!
Winner of the 2005 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award!

Set in the Winnipeg skinhead scene of the early 1990s, Cherry is an unsettling account of a woman’s negotiation of violence, memory, and identity. Mayor deftly employs the technique of pastiche to craft her story: newspaper articles, notes, photographs, letters, and even appointment slips are used to signify the multi-layered nature of her narrative. Cherry is a punk rock bricolage, a poetic novel, a loss of innocence story, and an ode to the city of Winnipeg.

“A startling read from the perspective of a young woman who saw it all from the inside. Cherry is a novel that exposes the shocking reality that is the racist right.” ?- Warren Kinsella (author of Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Networks)

“With poetic economy, Mayor spins a tale of misplaced love and harrowing abuse.” ?- The Globe and Mail

“Mayor’s prose is razor-sharp, perfectly suited to her subject matter. There are no flowery CanLit metaphors, no devices, just direct, bold writing.” ?- Ottawa Xpress

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