Dave Lapp

October 2008
Graphic Novel
6×9 inches, 160 pages
$17 CDN / US

Nominated for a Doug Wright Award
Nominated for an Ignatz Award
Excerpted in 2010 edition of The Best American Comics


Similar in tone to the legendary comic series Duplex Planet, Lapp’s first graphic novel is a collection of stories about his work as an art teacher in an inner city Toronto youth drop-in centre. His students are full of stories which they are eager to share. These include a family who picks worms at night on their knees, Vietnamese refugees, rope-jumping girls, Venus flytraps, bullies and tamagotchis. With a warmth of line and a uniquely charming storytelling style, Lapp’s comics evoke the work of Chester Brown, and his black humour that of Joe Ollmann.

“Drop-In is defined by tension and anxiety, attained through assembling peculiar moments perched on a razor’s edge between awkward and actual danger…. The stories — of broken families, senseless violence, and simple pleasures — are bizarre and nuanced, born of the author’s long, intimate contact with these kids.” —Toronto Star

“Confronted with his role as perpetual outsider, the stories he tells often cease to be about his observations, and with a startling suddenness become reclaimed by those he’s observing.” — The Walrus

“There’s tension in these small slice of life pieces but also a dream like quality, and that combination somehow captures life’s oddness. An impressive debut.” — Chester Brown

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