Enter Avariz

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Enter Avariz
Marc Ngui

December, 2002
112 pages (6 X 9 inches) + 8 foldouts (22 X 9)
Graphic Novel
ISBN 0-9689496-6-5
$20 CDN/$18 US

Enter Avariz is a meditation on the state of the modern world told in a single tumbling video game style narrative.

Witness as the delightfully bouncy Boy Ugly and the rest of the resilient Zak Meadow gang are sold-out, co-opted, harvested, test-marketed, junk-mailed, genetically modified, pre-packaged, networked, made over, discounted, off-gassed and branded in the pursuit of economic progress by the otherwise well meaning agents of capitalism.

In a vivid mixture of Saturday morning cartoons, ‘anti-globalisation’ politics and stream of consciousness hallucinations, Enter Avariz is both a light-hearted romp through the travails of our technologically obsessed civilization and a sinister peek into the greedy bowels of a parasitic culture.

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