Killing Velazquez

Killing Velazquez
Philippe Girard

May 2011
Graphic Novel

ISBN 1-894994-54-X / 978-1-894994-54-5
Translation by KerryAnn Cochrane
216 pages (black and white)


On hearing a radio report of an accused priest Philippe is thrown back to a difficult time in his youth. He is faced with his parents’ impending divorce, moves to a new city, goes to a new school, and needs to make new friends. To help him adapt to his new surroundings his mother urges him to join the “Snow Geese,” a youth group led by a nonconformist priest who challenges Philippe to rethink his values. But as Philippe becomes more acquainted with the group and its charismatic leader, masks begin to slip, and he finds himself plunged into the centre of an unexpected drama. With his life turned upside-down, he seeks comfort in reading, and manages to find his bearings again when he discovers the old-fashioned adventure series of Jack Bowmore. Killing Velazquez is an autobiographical tale that gives us a glimpse into the complexities of manipulation and reminds us that sometimes an old book can actually save a life.

In addition to various collaborations with magazines and daily newspapers, Girard has published nine books of comics in French as well as a series of novels for children. His strip Béatrice was serialized for one year in the newspaper La Presse (Montreal), and later in the weekly magazine Spirou. In addition to many nominations in Quebec and Canada, he received a Bédéis Causa award in 2001 for Jim le Malingre: avatars ataviques, as well as the Bédélys Quebec award and the Joe Shuster Award in 2008 as writer for the book Danger public. In 2010, his first book in English, Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in St. Petersburg was released by conundrum press to great critical acclaim. He lives in Quebec City.

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