Little Lessons in Safety

Little Lessons in Safety
Emily Holton

May 2007
Graphic Novel
7×6 inches, 192 pages

A Doug Wright Award Nominee

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Little Lessons in Saftey is a collection of Holton’s “scratchy intelligent line drawings” (Broken Pencil) which play with the format of children’s readers, comics, celebrity fashion magazines, and cut and paste murder mysteries. Smart, strange, and funny, Holton’s work recalls artist Raymond Pettibon, filmmaker Miranda July and southern gothic writer Carson McCullers. Her stories reveal themselves in layers – eerily straightforward and yet never quite what they seem.

“Emily Holton’s pictures and stories appear, on first blush, to have an element of the fairy tale to them, but like the most elemental fairy tales, Holton’s have a barb in them. Here is the underside of innocence, childhood’s back room where the fixed card game is being played, the side alley where the littlest pig’s blood is running. These stories are both dark and hilarious, strangely familiar, and utterly transfixing. They’ll draw laughter from your gut, but it’ll catch in your throat.” — Michael Redhill

“Little Lessons in Safety is a graphic novel of sorts, but more like a collection of illustrations, beautiful and clever.”  — Globe & Mail

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