Mac Tin Tac

Mac Tin Tac  
Marc Tessier & Stéphane Olivier

December 2004
ISBN 1-894994-05-1
Graphic Novel / Mature content
6.5×10 inches, 160 pages
$17.95 CDN / $15.95 US

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Mac Tin Tac, a dystopic allegory of modern life told through a unique combination of myth and hard-edged realism, was originally serialized in five comics between 1990 and 1995. To illustrate their vision, Montreal authors Tessier and Oliver commissioned the emerging talent of Quebec’s avant garde, many of these whom went on to varying degrees of success publishing in French in Europe and Quebec, and in English in Cyclops: Contemporary Canadian Narrative Art, which conundrum press published to rave reviews in 2003. Concerned with anti-globilization politics long before the term became commonplace, the story is a mix of George Orwell’s 1984 and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magic realism.

“It is a delirious, chaotic, often impenetrable allegory of tribalism in an industrial dystopia. Here, sentient liquor bottles get soused on raw bananas while dead fish coast through the clouds. The chapters by Carlos Santos, which bookend the novel, cushion the violent undercurrents. In deafening contrast is Richard Suicide’s chapter… in a style so breathless, so dense, it smothers the reader in its sticky stench.”—eye

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