My Own Devices: Airport Version

My Own Devices: Airport Version
Corey Frost

October 2006
ISBN 978-1-894994-18-7
Short Stories / Travel
5×7 inches, 258 pages

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My Own Devices: Airport Version is a series of stories in which the main characters, all of whom are named Corey Frost, are left to their own devices in Japan, Brazil, Sumatra, St. Petersburg, Macau, Montreal, New York, and elsewhere, with devices such as phones, cameras, and mini-disc recorders, as well the occasional satirical literary gimmick. This new expanded edition is perfect for reading on an airplane, train, bus, or ferry. It includes new stories from Lesotho, Turkey, and Angkor Wat, as well as new postcard projects, timelines and ephemera.

“Frost is a writer to watch, both for his refined sense of story development and for the sheer oddness of his literary imagination…. Frost is an analytical writer somewhat in the way Beckett or Gogol were, minutely dissecting everyday occurrences until they take on a far more surreal and expansive quality.” — Montreal Review of Books

“Part Dave Eggers, part Chris Ware, and eight parts Corey Frost, it’s as playful as building a snowman, and not as wet.” — Montreal Mirror

Also by Frost: The Worthwhile Flux

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