Neither Either Nor Or

Neither Either Nor Or
Joey Dubuc

October 2003
ISBN 0-9689496-9-X
Graphic Novel / Art
4.125×6.875 inches, 104 pages, 25 Illustrations
$14.95 CDN / $11.95 US


Inspired by Edward Packard, Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Julio Cortazar’s Hopscotch, artist Joey Dubuc has created the genre-defying literary debut Neither Either Nor Or. Spelunk into the cave of his unconscious as it melds with you, the reader. At surface what seems to be a simple rumination on death becomes a metaphysical quest, filled with existential choices, glimpsed through the lens of nostalgia.

“This is a flawless evocation of the golden age of 1980s young adult literature…. The design of this book, with its Todd Haynes intensity and aesthetic referencing, consumed me like a virus… [it] expands the limits of what a book can be…. More a disorientation generator than a story, it fulfills the promise of adventure, albiet with a ruckus filled with existential crisis after crisis.” —Broken Pencil

“Much like real life, there are choices that aren’t really choices, including at least one point where you can get ‘stuck’, bouncing between two pages with no resolution…. Dubuc’s quirky humour makes this one cool little artifact.” — McGill Daily



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