One Year in America

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One Year in America
Elisabeth Belliveau

Graphic Novel
ISBN 1-894994-87-6
6×8.7 inches, 112 pages, b/w
trade paperback, $17

Nominated for a Doug Wright Award!

The first graphic novel from a popular zinester…

Belliveau’s first graphic novel begins with a loss of innocence over ice skater Katarina Witt’s fall from grace by posing in Playboy. It is told through both drawings and email text between friends. The story jumps between Canada and the United States and travels abroad navigating life after art school, marriage and divorce. It is a year in a life, but one that is pregnant with memory, meaning and desire. It is a post-modern coming of age story which quite literally crosses boundaries.

“There’s something appealing about the immediacy and honesty of these pages. The drawings are evocative and charming, and an occasional self-consciousness in her writing is mitigated by self-satire…. Elisabeth Belliveau’s drawings gently capture people in odd moments, unsuspecting. Her perspective is detached, cautious, and spare, seeking out meaning in the mundane. Her moments of lyrical clarity are lovely.” — Montreal Review of Books


Elisabeth Belliveau is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Nova Scotia. Her work has been screened and exhibited internationally. She completed a BFA at Alberta College of Art and Design and an MFA at Concordia University in Montréal where she currently teaches. 


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