Otherworld Uprising

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Otherworld Uprising
Shary Boyle

April 2008
ISBN 978-1-894994-28-6
Art / Mature content
55 colour images + 3 essays
9×12 inches, hardcover, 96 pages
$25 CDN/ US
Published in Partnership with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery
US distribution provided by DAP.

Otherworld Uprising features full colour reproductions of Boyle’s recent series of porcelain figurines, examines the influence of her research into historical porcelain on her drawings, and considers the parallel development of her latest oil portraits. The book also features critical essays by the Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada, Josée Drouin-Brisebois, and Sheila Heti (who also contributes new fiction), with an introduction by Ben Portis, an Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Shary Boyle’s work invents a new figurative language that attempts to give fair voice to the experiences of the poorly represented. Her imagery provokes associations with mythology, fairy-tales, and dream worlds. Beyond the boundaries of literal narrative, her work seduces the viewer into considering the uncomfortable.

“While no one marshals the possibilities of the grotesque quite like Boyle, her work’s greatest perversion, and by that I mean strength, is that it’s so damn beautiful. Lesson to others: subversion alone is fun and all, but craftsmanship is forever.” — eye

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