Line Gamache

October 2009
ISBN 978-1-894994-43-9
Graphic Novel / all ages
7×10 inches, 96 pages
Translation by KerryAnn Cochrane



When Lili’s inspiration jumps out of her mouth and runs away she undergoes an epic dream-like journey to get it back. With the help of her dog, Kiki, she proceeds to chase her trickster inspiration. Whether by plane, train, balloon or automobile one strange character after another joins her briefly and then leaves her to let her go her own way. People die, people are born, people get sick, people’s heads fall off. In the end, Poof! is a story about the creative process itself.

“Among the diverse output of comics today, POOF! stands out nonetheless as a distinct piece of work. Its graphic style resembles that of few (if really any) other comics. And it goes against the grain of many contemporary, so-called “literary” comics, by telling a story grounded not in realism, but magical realism… POOF! has loads of something many books, whether prose or graphica, labour but fail to achieve: charm. Craft, technique — these have only a small something to do with it. Ultimately, it’s there or it isn’t. Page after page of POOF! is pure charm.” — Edmonton’s see magazine

Also by Line Gamache: Hello, Me Pretty

A sample page from Poof!

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