Sapphic Traffic

Sapphic Traffic
Suki Lee

November 2003
196 pages, 5.5 x 5 inches
Short Stories / Lesbian Fiction
ISBN 1-894994-01-9
$14.95 CDN / $9.95 US

Inspired by the Lesbian pulp books of the 1950s Suki Lee’s debut reclaims the territory for the modern woman. Sapphic Traffic is a provocative collection of twenty short stories told through the tradition of the confessional. A Jamaican drug deal is a catalyst for the unthinkable, lucid dreams spill over into the enclosed world of a psych ward, a desperate obsession leads to a doomed attempt at love. Filled with desire and longing but not trapped by them, Suki Lee’s characters skirt the mundane realities of life and revel in walking the fault line between the private and the public woman. The stories trace the repercussions that follow the revelation: “There is something you should know about me.”

“Suki Lee is Ottawa’s Anais Nin.” — The Glebe Report

“Suki Lee’s prose throbs with sensuality while she probes dark and disturbing desires…. Reading it feels like eavesdropping, like standing against a paper-thin wall in a rundown motel, ear pressed to a drinking glass, listening in as a cast of characters confess their deepest, darkest transgressions…. What connects the diverse stories is the writing, which is precise, poetic and vibrant.” — NOW Magazine

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