Serial Villain

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Serial Villain
Sherwin Tjia

October 2012
4.25×5.5 inches
360 pages / black and white

A hypnotist uses his powers for evil instead of good. A time-traveller goes back in time to kill Hitler as a baby. An international secret agent finally sleeps with the wrong woman.

In this parodic collection of illustrated short stories, the award-winning and multi-talented Sherwin Sullivan Tjia concocts B-movie noir narratives filled with serial killers, mob bosses, cops and kidnappers encountering betrayal, femme fatales, and more plot twists than a Moebius strip. The first in the Cinder Block Books series, Serial Villain recalls the dark and stylish film posters of the 50s as well as
reviving the brick-like Illustrated Classics books of the 70s and 80s.

Hurtling along in quick cuts and abbreviated action, these 5-minute blockbuster movies up the ante with each diabolical development, practically with every paragraph. Immerse yourself in this perpetual dusk, where sex and violence
party beyond redemption, where insignificant individuals take their revenge upon the world entire.

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