The Overlords of Glee

Feb 1, 2010 by

The Overlords of Glee
Billy Mavreas

co-published with Crunchy Comics
$15 ($10 U.S.)

This beautiful perfect bound book collects together strips by the renowned underground comic artist Billy Mavreas for the first time, as well as many never before seen strips. These stories of monoliths, bunnies, and alchemical slugs have appeared in various international anthologies including: 106U (Montreal), Danny Hellman’s Legal Defence Fund book (USA), Cyclope (Montreal), Maow Maow (Toronto), Ferraille (France), as well as many mail art and zine exhibitions. In 1997, Conundrum published his book of poster art, Mutations, which is now sold out.

“The stuff looks insane: ornate, carefully and intricately wrought, cute hilarious, disturbing, it’s all there on the page. Mavreas’s comics eschew traditional narrative in favour of time-jumping, space-warping, organic flows of controlled ink.” — HOUR magazine, Montreal

Also by Billy Mavreas: Monster Island Three

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