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Kat Verhoeven

Graphic Novel
YA / 13+
ISBN 1894994914
4.25×5.5 inches, 164 pages
b/w, trade paperback, flaps, $15

Introduction by Georgia Webber


“An oddly sweet story about complicated childhood friendships and (possibly) the end of the world. Beautiful artwork, too.” — Faith Erin Hicks

Towerkind is an oblique end-of-the-world story seen through the eyes of a diverse group of children in Toronto’s St James Town, a neighbourhood of densely populated high rise apartments. The kids in this “towerhood” become aware of an impending catastrophe through a number of supernatural abilities. Among other characters, super strong Ty is a self-proclaimed monarch, Mackenzie uses her death magic to meddle, and language savant Mose would prefer to be left alone. Something is revealing itself through cracks and crevices, and through the children in the neighbourhood. Birds are falling from the sky. Originally done as a series of minis that was nominated for an Ignatz Award, Towerkind is a true page-turner.

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