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Lance Blomgren

May 2009
ISBN 978-1-894994-37-8
4.25×7 inches, 146 pages

New Format reprint of ISBN 0-9685161-7-3
20 new pages of text and afterword

French Rights sold

Originally published in October 2000 Walkups was the first conundrum press book with a spine and began a slippery slope into the murky world of publishing. The book sold out its initial print run quickly and has been unavailable for many years. This edition includes a dozen new stories by Blomgren in a fancy new package designed by Montreal artist Justin Stephens.

“Blomgren has created a credible narrative of loss, paranoia and psychological collapse against a panoramic swirl of poetically rendered human detail. In the process he’s also pulled off one of the most impressive literary debuts of the year.” — eye

“Walkups is a playfully engaging invitation into a maze of truth and lies.”  — MRB

“Dozens of brief, anonymous narratives create the sensation of overall loneliness experienced by a newcomer to the city. Blomgren’s perspective is that of an eternal outsider, the spying neighbour who nows the daily habits and neuroses of the people living nearby but not their names…. Blomgren’s skill as a writer lies in the way he seduces the reader and maintains a voyeuristic titillation .” — NOW

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