Witness My Shame reprint

Witness My Shame  
Shary Boyle

October 2004
ISBN 1-894994-03-5
Art / mature content
6×8 inches, 160 pages

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In Witness My Shame, a collection of 16 mini-comics, Shary Boyle creates images of childhood and adolescence, exploring issues of power, gender, sexuality, and dysfunction. These imperfect, confrontational, urgent drawings enable Boyle to critically and humourously examine our relationships with ourselves, with our families, and with our culture. In so doing she underscores the poignant fragility of our very humanity.

“To describe her work is to gush. Looking at Boyle’s images is like falling into murky puddles of memories… Boyle has captured both the bliss and discomfort of childhood. She illustrates the nebulous sexuality of adolescence in dream-like landscapes.” — Toronto Star

“The book’s a disquieting read. It piques the fear that someone will tear it from your hands at any moment and march you to your room. Boyle picks at the horrors of childhood, things that have congealed in some pungent corner of her imagination…. She draws with disturbing guilelessness, like the illustrator of some nihilistic Judy Blume novel. Her tableaux are an unrelenting stream of traumas and debasements, studies in depravity. They’re also hilarious.” — eye

“Undeniably filled with brilliance.” — Ottawa Xpress

Also by Boyle: Otherworld Uprising.

Visit her personal site.

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