You Are A Cat!


You Are a Cat!
Sherwin Tjia

October 2011
ISBN 1-894994-56-6 / 978-1-894994-56-9
Graphic Novel / Fiction / MATURE CONTENT
4.25 x 7 inches, 240 pages, 80 b/w illustrations


You are Holden Catfield. But your family calls you Holden. You’re a cat, and you just woke up spooned behind the knees of Julie, the daughter of the family you live with. It’s a brand new caturday! What are you going to do? If you decide to go back to bed, turn to page 17. Or, you might go eat on page 6. Venture outside and visit your girlfriend on page 8, or head further downtown to page 35. The choice is yours! But beware, being a cat isn’t all napping in sunbeams and curling up on laps. There are funny noises emanating from an upstairs room, a tomcat in the alley who doesn’t like to be crossed, and a strange man on the corner who is always giving you free samples of catnip.

Inspired by the gamebook fad of the late 80s — You Are a Cat! is both a parody and homage, focusing on a dysfunctional family, but told through the eyes of their cat. Fully a third of the book is lavishly illustrated from the feline first-person floor perspective. The different choices you make affect people and events! Even something as seemingly trivial as whether or not to purr can result in dramatic changes.

As the first book in the fictional Pick-a-Plot series, You Are a Cat! includes numerous fake preview advertisements for improbable future titles in the series, like You Are a Cult Leader! You Are Homeless! and You Are Obsessed With Johnny Depp!

An amalgam of image and text, art book and graphic novel, this is the complete package from a talented writer and artist. The kittenish & catactular You Are a Cat! is the closest you’ll come to being a cat without dying and being reincarnated as one.

“You Are a Cat!serves up quite the fancy feast of activities for a kitty to chew on: want to become a peeping tom, stop a suicide or oh, what the heck, kill a man? It’s all in this bizarre, yet highly addictive and enjoyable effort.” — Toronto Star

By the same author: The Hipless Boy

Sherwin Tjia is a poet, painter and illustrator who grew up in Toronto, and now lives in Montreal. He is the author of Gentle Fictions, Pedigree Girls, and The World is a Heartbreaker. The World is a Heartbreaker was a finalist for the A.M. Klein Poetry Award. The Hipless Boy, a collection of short, interconnected stories told in graphic novel form was a finalist for the Doug Wright Award in the Best Emerging Talent category, and also nominated for four Ignatz Awards (in the categories of Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Anthology or Collection, Outstanding Story, and Promising New Talent). In addition to his writing, Tjia has also illustrated two children’s books of poetry — JonArno Lawson’s The Man in the Moon-Fixer’s Mask, and its sequel, Black Stars in a White Night Sky, which won the 2007 Lion and the Unicorn Award. In his spare time, he organizes Slowdance Nights, Love Letter Reading Open Mics, Crowd Karaoke singalongs, and Strip Spelling Bees.

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