All Citizens All The Time

Getting back into routine here so thought I’d post an update on all the behind the scenes goings on with Serena McCarroll’s All Citizens. Firstly, it should be noted that the book had a very successful Toronto launch as part of TINARS. (Then a week later at City of Craft). There is a You Tube posting of the QandA between Serena and another Conundrum author and awesome artist Shannon Gerard. Excuse the sound quality. That’s what happens when you have drinking at a launch. This is Not a Reading Series after all. (photo by Jason Howlett).
serena shanA phone grab of the panel:panelby mervAnd here is Serena signing with Charlie Huisken from the now defunct This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. (photo by Jason Howlett):
charlie serena
Secondly, Serena has posted on the All Citizens website all the stores (so far) which carry the book. Again here is a grainy phone grab of the Art Metropole window display. There is All Citizens right at the heart of it!

So no excuses! If you want your store to stock it please contact Conundrum Press.

Lastly but not leastly you can see a video preview of the book, also posted by Serena at her site. 

Right now trying to get some more record stores interested in the amazing and original CD of Daniel, Fred, and Julie which comes with the book. Look for more news and reviews soon. Also an East Coast tour!

As a CODA here is an image from the book, taken by Serena of a convent in Bruno:
wallpaper printweb 

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