All Citizens East Coast wrap up…

So it was a week filled with All Citizens. Serena hung out after Sappyfest in Wolfville at the humble towers of Conundrum. There was goat petting and wireless issues but all in all fun was had. We jaunted in to the big city mid-week for the Halifax launch at Lost and Found, where the signs from the Sarah Burwash launch had not even come down yet. Big thanks to Kate who got the North End “printed matter” folks out on a Wednesday night. Here she is with her hand made treats, posing with Sarah.kateandsarah

Serena gave an excellent presentation amid the vintage wear…


We picked up future NSCAD student Elizabeth who helped with all the festivities back in Wolfville. Here she takes a picture of Serena doing her thing on the dykes.


Conundrum hosted a table at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market and the locals were all All Citizens all the time!


Here is local graphic novel maker Mark Oakley swarmed by fans!


Then there was a signing at the local bookstore Box of Delights, which features a Conundrum shelf!


Bye bye Serena. Now that I’ve set up a trampoline in the back yard perhaps I can lure more artists to the Beast Coast!

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