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Still recovering from a great trip to Comic Art Brooklyn. Thanks to Gabe Fowler at Desert Island for keeping the torch alive. Sales were good for the one day show and I got to hang out with some good people and sell their new books to the Williamsburg hipsters (and the old school cartoonists). Joe Ollmann and Dakota McFadzean came from the land of Rob Ford, and it was a pleasure to launch Antony Huchette’s book Brooklyn Quesadillas. Notice the word Brooklyn right there in the title? I spent more time driving, flying and waiting in airports and airplanes than actually on the ground in NY. Luckily I have some great reading material! Too rushed and late to make a proper post so lots of pix will have to do. Need to pack the car for Expozine next weekend in Montreal. 

This is next door to where I stayed in Jackson Heights. Comics are everywhere!
And here is the venue. Nice to have a green room for exhibitors this year. Joe took full advantage of the coffee refills. I took full advantage of the donuts!
And here are my boys! Though not yet perfecting the arms crossed technique. Coffee first. Priorities after all…
antonyandyThat’s how it is done!stage

Much better.

dakota sketch
Fellow Canadian Michael DeForge signing his brand new Ant Colony, ready just in time for the show. And following are the NY masters. Is there a school? So great to just be in their presence, too intimidated to talk to any of them.
deitchKim Deitch
Chip Kidd (in jaunty cap)
CCS alumni Dakota with CCS director James Sturm.
Sturm again with Ben Katchor and Art Spiegelman
Mark Newgarden checks out the Conundrum wares.
Joe with R. Sikoryak (who was passing out his Whitman mini)
And Art Spiegelman signs his Toon book for my kids as Francois Mouly looks on. Highlight of my trip right here.

Afterwards got Chinese food with Joe and Dakota. Dakota had a daily to draw for his website. Here is an artist who respects a deadline! As a publisher this makes my heart warm.
Then to the afterparty…

Thanks Brooklyn!


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