Man, I packed as much as humanly possible into a 24 hour trip to NY. And I need to get this down because I leave for Expozine this week! First thing I noticed was gas rationing was in effect. Not to mention the fact that I am now officially a country mouse in the big city. The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was a big success. Very crowded, big time guests who seemed very approachable, lots of amazing work on hand. The Conundrum table was busy all day and Robin McConnell and I did tag team shifts so I got to see all the other tables. It was great to see all the exhibitors from out of town, from as far as Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, UK, there was a group of artists from France and of course a good healthy contingent of Canadians. Loaded myself down with loot. Saw lots of guests signing but had no time to eat let alone wait in line. Thanks to Madeline Richards who eventually went and found me food. The after party was pretty crazy. Took me back to the early nineties in Montreal, a crushing loft party with free beer and smoking. Reconnected with more Canadians including Jillian Tamaki, Jeff Ladouceur and Keith Jones. On the plane back I sat next to Charles Burns who had been a guest, signing his latest book The Hive. I am a huge fan of his work but didn’t want to act the fanboy so we talked about our kids. He is super nice. Got home and checked out my haul. Even got some kids books for my boys. Kids love comics! Thanks to the organizers, hosts, and especially Corey Frost who waited in line for gas just to be my taxi for the weekend. Now to Montreal! 
While setting up I got to meet festival guest Nine Antico. That’s her holding her hat.
crowd downupstairs
Robin McConnell mans the fort.
New publisher Rebus with guests Richard McGuire and signing is Florent Ruppert.
Definitely unlawful activity happened!
jay lynch
This distinguished gentleman was handling Heartless by Nina Bunjevac so I put the hard sell on him until he said he knew all about the book because he had written the introduction! Thanks Jay Lynch.
Vincent and Sophie from Colosse.
Art Spiegelman signing…
robin art s
And Robin with a Spiegelman sketch.
Adhouse gang: Ethan Riley and Chris Pitzer.
Gabrielle Bell and Jon Lewis sign at the Uncivilized Books table.
Charles Burns.

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