Conundrum announces TCAF signing schedule

TCAF will be here very soon and I know I am not the only one so excited I could explode. Conundrum will debut 4 titles as previously announced here. But we will also have artists coming to Toronto who have had books out since last TCAF. And of course the 2 nominations for the Doug Wright Award, Elisabeth Belliveau and Meags Fitzgerald will also be signing. So here is when you can find your favourite artists or discover a new one. The table location will be posted on the TCAF site very soon.

Saturday May 9:

10-12 Dakota McFazean debuts Don’t Get Eaten By Anything
12-1 Kat Verhoeven debuts Towerkind
1-2 Zach Worton debuts The Disappearance of Charley Butters
2-3 Joe Ollmann / Simon Bossé
3-4 Julian Lawrence debuts The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy
4-5 Meags Fitzgerald / Elisabeth Belliveau

Sunday May 10:

11-12 Julian
12-1 Meags / Elisabeth
1-2 Dakota
2-3 Kat
3-4 Joe / Simon
4-5 Zach 

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