Back from Montreal after a two day drive with kids so my back is hurting and I need a swim. It was my 11th year at Expozine, and it has been about the same for the past few years. The main difference is that it seemed that there were more francophones than anglophones for the first time. The tide has turned. Big crowds and lots of great stuff to sear the eyeballs. And of course I got to see old friends, too many to mention. Conveniently many of them are artists, writers, or publishers so they were there anyway. Though I missed my best assistant and friend Joe Ollmann who was in my thoughts all weekend. The Friday night before went to a talk by grads from The Centre for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, including Dakota McFadzean. Look for a new Conundrum release from him next year. Also a pleasure to host some signings at the table. Michel Rabagliati took time out from his rigorous Salon de Livres schedule to sign, Nina Bunjevac came from Toronto, as did Serena McCarroll whose All Citizens showed up at the last minute and wowed the shoppers. Pascal Girard represented for Fanny & Romeo while Yves Pelletier was busy travelling the world for his TV show. And of course Sherwin Tjia and Britt Wilson were rocking their own worlds right next to me. Thanks to everyone who dropped cash at the table and especially thanks to Louis Rastelli for keeping the torch alive…
andy 01
Andy Brown publisher
Pascal Girard signs.
Vicki Nerino and Britt Wilson
Michel Rabagliati and Nina Bunjevac sign.
Nice lettering Nina!
expozine rabagliati bunjevac sam
Michel Rabagliati, Nina Bunjevac, Salgood Sam
Writers Maya Merrick and Catherine Kidd
Dave Widgington lends a hand. Dave was the former publisher behind Cumulus Press so he knows how to sell the cultural product.
Serena McCarroll and All Citizens. Also note the David Collier books on display. Dave is a significant contributor to All Citizens. Loving the synergy.
Sherwin Tjia

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