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The Fall ritual that is Expozine came and went and we are all the better for it. The big launches for Conundrum were Alison McCreesh’s Ramshackle: A Yellowknife Story and Meags Fitzgerald’s Long Red Hair. So everyone who had ever been in Yellowknife bought a book and anyone with long red hair bought a book and people from Yellowknife with long red hair were doubly lucky! So great to meet Alison for the first time and bounce her baby around the fair (I have been called the baby whisperer). But I planned an extra day in my old stomping grounds of Montreal and made use of it. First up was a lingering visit to the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore where I spotted this:

dqstoreThis is Sherwin Tjia’s Pick-A-Plot trilogy on full display, and next to some pretty amazing company.

Speaking of old stomping grounds I snapped this picture of the old Conundrum Towers on Fairmount. Look for some serious reminiscences in the forthcoming 20×20: Twenty Years of Conundrum Press.


Speaking of 20 years, Conundrum will launch the anthology and have an archival art show at Monastiraki in May 2016 so I brought Billy artwork and we hashed out the details.



The next day was Expozine! I was staying with cartoonist Howard Chackowicz so he helped me set up (and exposed me to women’s MMA). Here he is with Meags. Look at the bounty of books before they are gone!


Then the crowds came. Usually with Expozine Saturday has crushing crowds and Sunday is slow. But this year the crowds were never at crushing levels and pretty steady both days. And of course Alison and Meags were in it for the long haul. Alison even took to the “Conundrum stance” without being told. She’s a natural.





Sherwin Tjia went all out to promote his new Catventure book, You Are a Kitten!


Also present and selling their work were Conundrumites Jimmy Beaulieu…


Maryanna Hardy


And translators Rupert Bottenberg with Helge Dascher.


Here is Alison signing. She did a lot of this between bringing me lunch and bouncing babies.


Thanks Louis and all the organizers! Thanks Montreal. Thanks Howard.


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