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FBDM michel

This weekend drove up to Montreal for the first incarnation of the Festival BD Montreal. The above drawing by Michel Rabagliati shows off the glorious location in the middle of Parc la Fontaine. Read all about Michel’s new book The Song of Roland and his appearance at the Festival in the Montreal Gazette. Unfortunately it was raining which may have kept the crowds away. Friday reconnected with some of my authors, including Sherwin Tjia, Marc Tessier, who was in charge of the Editions Trip table, and Jimmy Beaulieu who acted as my tour guide. Although rainier on Sat the crowds were larger and met up with Pascal Girard, Michel, Helge Dascher, Siris, and Philippe Girard who was launching his latest book. Full colour for the first time! A possible BDANG title in the future? Conundrum has just signed the rights to Girard’s La Visite des Morts (Obituary Man) his fourth with Conundrum, which we plan on launching at TCAF 2013. Thanks to the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore who hosted signings and sold some Conundrum Books. Also, in case you have not been following the news, Montreal is a magical place to be right now. Every evening at 8pm the streets fill up with people of all stripes banging pots and pans in protest for the imposing of Bill 78 by the province’s premier. I witnessed a couple of community happenings. Many people are wearing red squares in solidarity of the students who started it all. Cartoonists are documenting all of this of course. In the end I hope the festival reaches out to the anglo community and continues to grow. On a sunny day the park would be swarming with all kinds of folks. It is well organized and classy so I hope to be back with a Conundrum table next year! 

Jimmy Beaulieu in front of his page in the gallery show
Philippe Girard signs his new book.
Sherwin Tjia signs
Siris signs Vogue la Valise. He assures me Vol 2 is almost done and ready for Conundrum!
Went to a vernissage here. Always need to visit Billy!
Pots and Pans on St Viateur.
iron man
Joe Ollmann original!
Marc Tessier at the Trip table

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