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Been on the road awhile now but now I have finally stopped to catch my breath. First it was Brooklyn, then last weekend I was in Montreal, where Conundrum was founded, for Dakota McFadzean’s launch and good old Expozine, for which I was also a founding member. Got in Friday afternoon and unloaded the car of all the new Fall titles for Jason at the Drawn and Quarterly store. Included were many copies of Dakota McFadzean’s Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On. Then I got a parking ticket! and scooted off to FORMATS downtown to drop off copies of Jonathan Reid Sevigny’s The Sweetsburg Archives for the launch Nov 27. That evening was the D&Q event. Dakota was teamed up with T. Edward Bak who was travelling through. Dakota gave a funny and charming talk about his dailies and his process making the book.dakotajasondakotadq
todddakotaHere is Dakota signing books in the distance while Todd chats with Dakota’s wife Laura. Todd gave a very impassioned and interesting talk about the natural history of Alaska and his travels there, as it pertained to the research for his book Island of Memory. Then next door for drinks with D&Q’s Julia. Notice the man at the table behind us. We thought he resembled a famous cartoonist. Can you guess which one?juliaandyAnd then it was Expozine! The crowds were out in full force despite the rain. Saw many old friends. With no Joe or Billy or Maya to help out behind the table it was the next generation of Conundrumites who did the heavy lifting. I can’t thank them enough. And check out the form, the technique, Joe would be proud.
arms crossedMeags Fitzgerald was there promoting her forthcoming Photobooth: A Biography, and there is Dakota again, selling and signing.meagsdakotajonAlso behind the table, launching his art monograph was Jonathan Reid Sevigny. sevignyNext door was Sherwin Tjia selling his Conundrum titles, including the new You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse! and next to him, Maryanna Hardy, recently relocated to Montreal, selling her prints and So I’ve Been Told book.sherwinsherwinmaryannaAnd look who showed up Saturday to help peddle the wares. I had to say Kiitos to Howard Chackowicz!howieThe rest of the weekend was a blur. Drank beer with the CCS gang, ate samosas, talked up the awesome Conundrum product, weaved through crowds and basically saw old friends. Here are some of them.crowdbenoit
Benoit Chaput at the L’Oie de Cravan table.
alex fellows
Alex Fellows, of the forthcoming Spain & Morocco dropped by. Check out the sign which lasted only the first hour.
Michael Comeau came from Toronto.
Julie Doucet signs (on far right) as cartoonist Iris (far left) waits in line. 
Maryanna with writer Maya Merrick. Maya has put her time in over the years behind the Conundrum booth.
dakotadaily 1More dailies from Dakota. The man never stops…
Stanley Wany and Marc Tessier at the Editions Trip table.
Dave Widgington.
Simon Bosse with sleepy child. Look for a collection from Simon in the near future. Right Simon? Right?distrobotoAnd if all that Expozining wasn’t enough I went to a Words and Music show at the Casa del Popolo to see new work perfomed by Catherine Kidd. Catherine was the first author I ever published, in 1996. So seeing her perform again was like coming home.
kiddperformsThanks Montreal. Always a nostalgia trip for me. And thanks to the very capable, talented and beautiful people who I publish for going above and beyond to help me out behind the table. A group of us founded Expozine 12 years ago because we saw a need. Obviously the community agreed. With the present location it has become a November ritual and for the francophones, an alternative to next week’s intense Salon des Livres (there are no anglophones there, another reason to start up Expozine, a truly bilingual and inclusive event). So thanks especially to Louis Rastelli for keeping the torch alive. You have truly picked up the gauntlet which was thrown down so many years ago.

I’m done with conventions for the year so what a nice way to go out. Next stop TCAF in May. Lots to do to get books ready for that.

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