Phinding Photobooths

Meags Fitzgerald was out on the Beast Coast for the weekend launching her fantastic Photobooth: A Biography. Lots of events, lots of fun. Here is the proof. First up was an event hosted by Halifax comic shop Strange Adventures. Meags did a presentation so the shop used the theatre across the street in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Couldn’t get anymore east coast than this:


And here she is doing her presentation, which has wowed audiences across North America, but it was my first time seeing it. 


After singing books for the masses we drove the hour out to Wolfville, to stay at Conundrum Towers. Early the next morning we set up at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market. This is a once a summer event for Conundrum and it was a lively scene. Shoppers there for their organic veggies stopped and talked photobooths with Meags.


After the market Meags headed over to the wonderful Box of Delights bookstore on Main St Wolfville where she sat outside and again talked photobooths to the passers by. Many people knew who she was from the copious amount of east coast media she had recieved, including artices in the Chronicle Herald, Coast, and CBC radio.


The next day was DCAF! The Dartmouth Comic Art Festival, also hosted by Strange Adventures. Here Meags met a man who talked about setting up and maintaining a chemical photobooth in his car dealership! He had no idea how unusual and amazing this was. Here is Meags with Nathan, Strange Adventure employee and all around good guy.


And here she is solo. Meags will be sticking around Halifax to perform in the improv festival so there is still time to tell her all your photobooth stories!


Bye bye Dartmouth… 


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