Spring Events

Although it is still snowing and cold in most of the country, at least there is more daylight! And here at Conundrum Towers the drones in the basement are hard at work planning a massive Spring season. Here is a rundown of where you can find Conundrum: 

Montreal, May 8: Kicking everything off is the Conundrum Cavalcade Plus One at the Drawn and Quarterly store. Local artist Meags Fitzgerald will be on hand to present her process making the formidable Photobooth: A Biography. Jimmy Beaulieu will launch My Neighbour’s Bikini, his second translation for Conundrum’s BDANG imprint. Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame artist Réal Godbout will present his first work in English, an adaptation of Kafka’s Amerika. And our guest Mark Connery will come from Toronto to launch his book of comics Rudy (2D Cloud). The event will be hosted by up and coming cartoonist Sam Alden.


Toronto, May 10-11: TCAF at the Toronto Reference Library. This is the big one folks. The debut of 5 titles, with signings by 4 of them:

Spain & Morocco by Alex Fellows, Photobooth: A Biography by newcomer Meags Fitzgerald, Amerika (based on the Kafka novel) by Réal Godbout, My Neighbour’s Bikini by Jimmy Beaulieu, What We Need to Know by Belgian master Willy Linthout (not signing). Also signing at the Conundrum table will be: Sarah Burwash, author of the book of drawings The Far Woods, Dakota McFadzean, author of Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On, Jonathan Reid Sevigny, signing his artist’s monograph The Sweetsburg Archives, and last year’s Doug Wright Award winner Michel Rabagliati.

Réal Godbout is a featured guest of the festival. Not only is the event itself totally awesome and inspiring but the custom is that the Doug Wright Awards will be held on the Saturday night. Last year Conundrum cleaned up. So we are eagerly anticipating a fun night. Just saying.


Stockholm, Sweden, May 16-18: Stockholm International Comics Festival. Just like the Helsinki Fest last fall, the Swedes have made Canada a featured country of the festival. As Canadians we are proud to be invited. Philippe Girard has been invited as a special guest, and we will be there with some surprise guests as well. 

stockholmpanorama 1

Chicago, May 31-June 1: The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. CAKE. This will be our first appearance in Chicago but we will be well represented by Meags Fitzgerald and Dakota McFadzean. The next generation of awesome!

Chicago, June 12: Quimby’s: Meags will be doing some heavy lifting in Chicago. It is the location this year of the International Photobooth Convention where she will present her book, but she will also make an appearance at legendary comic shop Quimby’s, where they actually have a photobooth in the store! Perfect. 

Summer events will probably include Sappyfest and DCAF as usual. Fall books to be announced very soon…

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