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So the big weekend is fast approaching and Conundrum will be there with bells on. We are very excited to be debuting 5 titles and bringing lots of out of town guests to TCAF, May 10-11. Below is the signing schedule and an advance peek, straight from the organizers, of the panels which will feature Conundrum artists. And of course three of our artists are nominated for Doug Wright Awards, which will be passed out Saturday night. So print this out and fold it up and keep it in your pocket all weekend. Try not to spill anything on it. Come and say hi!


Sat 10am-11: Joe Ollmann
Sat 11-12: Sarah Burwash / Jonathan Reid Sevigny
Sat 12-1pm: Meags Fitzgerald 
Sat 1-2: Alex Fellows

Saturday: 1:30pm-2:30pm Comics & Curation at The Art Gallery of Ontario
Featuring Chester Brown, David Collier, and Andrew Hunter of the AGO. Moderator TBD. @ The Marriott 100

Saturday,1:30pm-2:30pm Discover Quebecois Comics! 
Quebec has an important and burgeoning comics scene, with numerous excellent works being published every year—that are almost unknown in the rest of Canada. Many Quebecois works are making their English-language debut or otherwise being featured at TCAF, come meet the creators behind them! Featuring Jimmy Beaulieu (My Neighbour’s Bikini), Michel Rabagliati (Paul Joins The Scouts), Real Godbout (Amerika), and Diane Obomsawin (On Loving Women). Moderator Rupert Bottenberg.

Sat 2-3: Dakota McFadzean
Sat 3-4: Jimmy Beaulieu / Michel Rabagliati

Saturday, 3-4pm: Canadian Reading Series: Girard & Godbout
. Real Godbout will present from his debut book in English, AMERIKA, and then there is a mixed Q&A with him and Pascal Girard.

Sat 4-5: Real Godbout

Saturday evening: DOUG WRIGHT AWARDS: Nominated from Conundrum are Joe Ollmann, Michel Rabagliati, and Dakota McFadzean


Sun 11-12: Sarah Burwash / Jonathan Reid Sevigny
Sun 12-1: Michel Rabagliati  / Real Godbout

Sunday, 12:15pm-1:15pm: History/Nonfiction Comics
: A discussion of the fine line between fact, fiction, and personal experience in historical and non-fiction comics. With Nick Abadzis, Meags Fitzgerald, Nate Powell, Diana Tamblyn, Nick Bertozzi, moderated by Tyrell Cannon

Sun 1-2: Real Godbout / Jimmy Beaulieu
Sun 2-3: Alex Fellows / Joe Ollmann
Sun 3-4: Meags Fitzgerald
Sun 4-5: Dakota McFadzean

See you there!

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