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Gearing up here for the biggest weekend of the year. TCAF is upon us. As it has been noted elsewhere we will be debuting five new titles. Here is the signing and panel schedule. All signings will take place at the Conundrum table:

Sat May 11 (9am-5pm)

Joe Ollmann: 10-11am signing Science Fiction
Chihoi: 11 – 12pm / Learning Center: Chihoi Spotlight
Chihoi: 12-1:00pm signing The Library
Michel Rabagliati: 12:15 – 1:15pm / Marriott 200: Rabagliati Spotlight
Michel Rabagliati: 1:30-3:30 signing The Song of Roland and Paul Joins the Scouts
Chihoi: 2:45-3:45pm / Marriott 400: International Comics Panel w/ Chihoi
Lorenz Peter: 4-5pm signing The Grey Museum

David Collier / Serena McCarroll: 1-3pm signing Hamilton Illustrated and All Citizens
SherwinTjia: 4-5pm signing Serial Villain and more

Sun May 12 (11am-5pm)

Lorenz Peter: 11-12
Philippe Girard: 12-2pm signing Obituary Man
Michel Rabaglaiti: 1-3pm
Chihoi: 2:30-4pm
Joe Ollmann: 4-5pm

David Collier / Serena McCarroll: 1-3pm
Sherwin Tjia: 3-4 pm

Please note that there will be other Conundrum Press artists signing books at their own tables so seek them out too!

Nina Bunjevac / Heartless
Dave Lapp / People Around Here and more…
Shannon Gerard / Unspent Love
Britt Wilson / Britt Wilson’s Greatest Book on Earth

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Chihoi’s appearance supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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