Going to Print: On Vinyl by Lorenz Peter

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Last week was an exciting one at Conundrum Press. The main event? We purchased world English-language print rights for Lorenz Peter’s On Vinyl! This latest graphic novel by the creator of The Grey Museum and the award-winning Dark Adaptation will debut at TCAF 2018, with expected publication in October 2018.


On Vinyl coverwebOn Vinyl is a love letter to vinyl and an exploration of the role nostalgia plays in the decisions we make. When Lenny opens a second-hand record store in Toronto, it’s the realization of a dream, and a welcome break from the chaos at home, where developers—and his landlord—are determined to push him out.

Unfortunately, Lenny’s store isn’t much more stable than his home life. Rent is sky-high, and sales are sporadic. Some days, he’s run off his feet while other days, smashing unwanted records is the only way to pass the time.

When he finds an old press release tucked away in the sleeve of a record, the discovery launches Lenny into his next quest: to track down the long-lost record collection of Hot Walter, an elusive and aging disco DJ, and maybe, just maybe, save the store.



Twenty 2 Questions with Lorenz Peter


1.What was your initial inspiration for On Vinyl?

I have always loved records. I’ve spent all of my time and money in record stores since I was a kid. Cassettes and records were the perfect company for long hours of drawing, and of course, the radio. The radio plays the songs for you, then you like a song and do the research. I always had to have the record if I liked it enough.

When going to any city or town or market, I look for the records, that has always been the case. When I was young the stores were found in malls. Today, we are seeing a possible resurgence, but who knows?

I ran a store for five years in Toronto and got to experience being surrounded by records all the time—it sounds like a dream but reality hit hard. The cost of business in Toronto is rendering things like this into smaller and smaller cubby holes in which people are supposed to operate their business. Like a record shop in the basement of a shoe store or in any available crawlspace for $3000 a month. It isn’t the “come back” of records that is uncertain, it’s the high costs and reshaping of our urban areas that are making it unrealistic to run a shop.

I found inspiration for On Vinyl in all of the buzz surrounding this “come back” of vinyl. There is buzz about records being worth lots of money and people are going crazy trying to turn their old mouldy collections into top cash. It’s funny to witness this gap, where someone in their 40’s who hasn’t picked up an album since 1986 suddenly thinks their old Neil Diamond records are worth a fortune.

I also wanted to tell about the underground scene; the community of collectors and enthusiasts who put on record fairs, and the great lengths we go to chasing after these records.

2. What do you hope people take away from On Vinyl?  

I hope this book is entertaining. I hope people laugh when they read it. I hope they get a new perspective on the ornery record shop clerk and an idea of what goes on behind the scenes. I hope to document a perhaps fading way of life and say a thing or two about how change affects people in different age groups. That readers can appreciate my cartooning of course and perhaps be inspired in their own endeavors.

About Lorenz Peter

Lorenz Peter was born in Montreal and grew up in Northern Alberta. In 1990, he left school to pursue cartooning and music. Lorenz has released five full length graphic novels since then: Chaos MissionDark Adaptation (winner of the Doug Wright award for Best Emerging Artist), Side EffectGrey Museum and his newest, On Vinyl. In 1997, Lorenz joined Corpusse, forming a power duo that would influence Toronto’s underground art rock/noise scene for nearly 15 years and record 3 albums together. Lorenz lives in Toronto where he continues to work independently on comics, illustrations, and musical acts Processor and Off World.

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